Names have been changed to preserve client anonymity.

"I have suffered with excessive hair growth and in-growing hairs for over twenty years. The condition ruined my life and aside from topical antibiotic lotion my Doctor could do nothing to help me. I stopped exercising and would go to any lengths to avoid being seen undressed due to the unsightliness of the hair growth, scars and sores. Thanks to the IPL treatment and of course Glynis, my life has totally changed. The hair has been permanently removed, I no longer suffer from ingrowing hairs, my skin has had a chance to repair and the scars have disappeared. I rave about the treatment and would recommend it for everyone. Glynis, thank you so much!" - D. L.

"From having 8 Laser treatments to remove my underarm hair. I found that few hairs had gone and I was very disappointed because my underarm hair was very dark and grows back very quickly, I had spent over £800 on something that I feel the results didn’t reflect on the cost and my underarm hair still need to be shaved everyday. So I decided to go to Glynis to have IPL. I have heard that Laser and IPL are different and yet both obtain good results with permanent hair removal after one treatment of IPL my underarm hair was a lot finer and 80% of my hair had gone. I only wish I had had IPL first as the results are by far superior to laser treatment". - R.A.

"Since having IPL treatment to remove pigmentation and very unsightly red veins, I have much more confidence and it is wonderful not to wear heavy make-up". - Lucy

"Having spent endless years trying to disguise my facial hair, it has been a wonderful feeling to know electrolysis has removed not only the unsightly hair but given me the confidence to get 'up close and personal' with the human race.  Any other form of removal has failed to work but after a few treatments, electrolysis has made such a difference to my appearance.  I would recommend anyone suffering with facial hair to have electrolysis as a means to removing unwanted hair permanently". - Sarah

"The deathspots on my hands had become such an embarrassment that when a friend recommended intense pulsed light I decided to give it a try.  I am delighted that after one treatment my hands are free of these unsightly blemishes and I can wear my rings knowing my hands are free of deathspots.  I can't wait to arrange an appointment for other areas which cause me concern". - Clare

"I have suffered with acne for about 3 years and tried many things to treat it. Glynis gave me a course of treatments weekly and my skin started to improve. It used to be very red and inflamed and I was very embarrassed of it especially being a beauty therapist myself. Now my skin is very clear. I only get the occasional spot every now and again. I still use the homecare products which are very good". - Sam